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Android Data Binding Library Tutorial

Android provides data binding library that helps in creating apps with less glue code to bind application logic and layouts. With data binding, you don’t need to find views in activities or fragments, set view attributes to properties of data model object and add event handlers to views, all this is taken care of by data binding framework using the data binding component classes and data binding expressions that you define in layouts.

Android Picture in Picture Mode Example

Picture in picture support, introduced in Android 8.0 API level 26 and uses multi window APIs, allows you to develop a feature in your app which lets users to view an activity in a small window pinned to a corner while users can do something on the main screen.

Google Places API Photos Android

In this post, you can learn how to use Google places API to get a list of photos associated to a selected place and display them in your app.

Google Places Auto Complete Android

In this post, you can learn how to create place search functionality in your app using Autocomplete service which is available as part of Google places API. Place search functionality can be implemented using Autocomplet UI wizard or by creating custom auto complete component, this post covers both.

Google Places API Place Picker Android Example

In this post, you can learn how to use PlacePicker UI widget with place notes example Android app. PlacePicker UI widget displays places near a location on Google map and allows user to select a place.

Current Location and Nearby Places Android Example

If you want to provide a feature in your app that should display a list of places such as banks, hospitals, business, parks, transport, etc. near the current location of user device, then you need to use Google places API for android to implement it.

Predicting App User Behavior Using Firebase Predictions

Firebase predictions service applies Google’s machine learning on analytics data and comes up with predictions. Prediction identifies a group of users who are most likely to perform certain events in the next seven days. Using the predicted behavior, apps can be customized to create different user experiences or to show different features or products.

Firebase Performance Monitoring for Android

Firebase provides performance monitoring SDK. You can add that to your app so that it can capture performance data of your app. The captured performance data can be viewed in Firebase console. By analyzing the performance data, you can identify performance issues in your app and fix them.

Android Login and Registration with Firebase Cloud Functions and Firestore

In this post, you can learn how to implement custom registration and login for android app using Firebase cloud functions and firestore database.

Fireabase Crashlytics Android Crash Reporting

In order to make your android application run without issues on user devices, you need to consider android version, device manufacturers, and features of device while developing your app. Even after through testing and taking care of all the possible failure scenarios, one unhandled scenario may cause your app to crash leading to diminished user experience.

Android Firebase Cloud Functions Realtime Database Trigger Example

In this post, you can learn how to use Firebase cloud functions which are run in response to realtime database events such as adding, updating and deleting nodes performed from android application.

Android Firebase Cloud Functions Cloud Storage Trigger Example

In this post, you can learn how to use Firebase cloud functions which are run in response to uploading, modifying and deleting cloud storage files from android application.