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Introduction to Java Programming

Java is a powerful object oriented programming language. Java programs are translated into bytecode by java compilers. The compiled java bytecode runs on the virtual computer called Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Android Instant Apps Tutorial

Android instant apps feature allows you to create apps in such a way that features of the app can be used on the device without installing complete app with all the features.

Android Job Scheduler Example

For scheduling background tasks, Android provides JobScheduler. It allows you to specify conditions for running work.

Android Activity Transition Animation Examples

You can apply animations to activity transitions meaning entry and exist of an activity layout content can be animated. You can define animations in xml and set them as activity transition animations by calling overridePendingTransition() method and passing animation resources for entry activity and exit activity.

Android ThreadPoolExecutor Example

As the components of android apps run on a single thread called main thread, to improve the performance of android apps, it is important to execute long running task on worker threads.

Android Threads Tutorial

Android starts a thread when a component in an app is requested to start. The thread created one per app is called the main thread. System creates a new thread when the requested component is the first one to start in the app.

Android App Permissions Tutorial

In android, without permission from the user of the device, your app can’t use system data, hardware and other features on the device. If your app depends on certain system features or hardware, it needs to request for permissions to access those features on the device.

Android Fragments Tutorial

You can divide your activity behavior and user interface into multiple components so that certain components in an activity can be reused and replaced with new components to create a flow of an activity or to perform a task. These components which are part of an activity are called Fragments.

Android Image Loading Using Glide Library

There are many pitfalls when loading images in Android such as memory issues, slow image loading and unresponsive UI which can be handled with image loading library Glide.

Android Sensors Examples

Android supports sensors which provide the measurements of certain properties such as device motion, orientation and rotation, pressure, temperature, light, magnetic field, proximity and humidity.

Android Picasso Image Downloading and Caching Library Tutorial

If your app features use images from network, it is very important to download the images efficiently to provide good user experience for your app users.

Android Capture Image from Camera and Save

In this post, you can learn how to provide a feature in your app that allows user to capture pictures using device camera and save them on the local storage or cloud storage.