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Android MultiAutoCompleteTextView Tutorial

MultiAutoCompleteTextView extends AutoCompleteTextView with additional feature. MultiAutoCompleteTextView allows users to enter multiple values separated by specified token terminator and for each value auto suggestion dropdown is displayed.

Latest Emoji Support In Android Apps With EmojiCompat Support Library

In this post, we will cover what are emojis, how emojis can be entered into and displayed in android apps, what does EmojiCompat support library offer and advantages of using it and how to use EmojiCompat Support Library to provide emoji support in your application.

Android Using Custom Fonts

In your android application, if you want to use external or custom fonts which are not supported by android platform, you can do so by providing font files, configuring fonts and applying custom font family to text widgets in the application.

AutoCompleteTextView Dynamic Serach from Database

In this post, you can learn dynamically populating AutoCompleteTextView suggestions drop down by reading data from database using room and SQLite databse.

Android AutoCompleteTextView Custom Layout and Adapter

In this post, you can learn how to create custom AutoCompleteTextView adapter, custom filter and custom item layout with examples.

Android AutoCompleteTextView Web Service Suggestions

In this post, you can learn how to get data from remote service and populate auto complete dropdown with an example. This example uses Retrofit to call web service and get data for auto suggestion feature of AutoCompleteTextView.

Android AutoCompleteTextView Example

Android AutoCompleteTextView is a subclass of EditText view with auto completion suggestion feature. AutoCompleteTextView retrieves data from data adapter and display a drop down with suggestions, as user types in to enter input. User can either continue to fill in manually or select one of the suggestions to auto complete the input value.

Android TextInputLayout Tutorial

Android TextInputLayout makes it possible to display hint as floating label for EditText fields when it gets the focus. TextInputLayout shows hint of child as label when hint is hidden. In addition to support for label, TextInputLayout also supports showing error message, password visibility toggling for password field, and character counter.

Android NumberPicker Dialog Example

NumberPicker widget allows user to pick a number from a range of numbers. In this tutorial, you can learn how to create a number picker dialog, handle number picker dialog events and use and style number picker dialog.

Android Number Picker Tutorial

In your application, if you need to provide an option of allowing user to select a number from a pre defined range of numbers, then you’ll have to use android NumberPicker widget. Depending on the theme applied, number picker is displayed in different styles.

Android ToolBar Tutorial

Android ToolBar can be used as action bar and it can contain navigation button, brand logo, title, subtitle, custom views, and action menu. The difference between action bar and tool bar is that ToolBar element can be controlled and part of application layout while action bar is controlled by android framework.

Android TimePicker Example

In this post, you can find details on TimePickerDialog, TimePicker widget, TimePicker material styles, TimePicker custom styles, TimePicker event handling, TimePicker clock mode, and TimePicker spinner mode with examples.