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Android Search Functionality Using SearchView & Room

One of the common features in any application is the search feature. In this post, you can learn how to implement search feature in android applications using SearchView widget, Room persistence framework for accessing SQLite database, ListView and custom adapter for displaying search results and search suggestions.

Android MatrixCursor Example

The example contains a content provider which creates and provides matrix cursor to content provider client which displays the cursor in the list view using SimpleCursorAdapter.

Android Search Dialog with Search Suggestions Example

In this tutorial, you can learn how to implement search functionality using search dialog provided by android. The tutorial also covers creating custom search results layout and custom search adapter, and implementing search results and search suggestions with image or icon.

Android Image Full Screen Example

In this post, you can learn how to display image full screen when it is clicked.

Android VideoView Playing Videos Full Screen

Learn how to create a feature in android app which allows users to play videos in full screen using video view and media controller.

Android VideoView MediaController Playing Videos Tutorial

Android VideoView can be used to play videos in android application. Android VideoView plays videos from sources such as android resource, content provider or from server.

Android Chronometer Timer Stopwatch Tutorial

Android Chronometer is a timer which can be used to count time from a point of time. Android Chronometer can be used to count time upwards and downwards. It is a subclass of TextView and it displays the count in TextView.

Android StackView Tutorial

Android StackView can display one child view at a time out of multiple child views it contains. StackView can be configured to flip child views in response to UI events. StackView can be added an adapter which supplies child views to it.

Android AdapterViewFlipper Example

Android AdapterViewFlipper is similar to ViewFlipper but it allows you to set adapter so that each item provided by adapter becomes child view of AdapterViewFlipper.

Android ViewFlipper Tutorial

Android ViewFlipper is a subclass of ViewAnimator and can contain multiple child views. It displays one view at a time and can show animation while switching to the next view. You can make Android ViewFlipper flip views automatically or in response to certain events.

Android ImageSwitcher Tutorial

Android ImageSwitcher is a subclass of ViewSwitcher and can contain only two ImageViews. Android ImageSwitcher can be used to switch between two images. Image switch occurs every time you set a new image on ImageSwitcher.

Android TextSwitcher Tutorial

Android TextSwitcher is used to animate text every time setText is called on it. TextSwitcher is a subclass of ViewSwitcher and can contain only TextView widget.