ZOFTINO.COM android and web dev tutorials

Android Translate Text Example

This post shows how to translate text between languages with an example.

Identify Language of Text with Firebase API Android Example

This post explains how to build a feature in android app that identifies the language of given text.

Organize Photos by Content Android Example

This post explains how to create in android a feature that lets user organize photos by its content.

Android Barcode Scanning Example

This post explains how to develop barcode scanning feature in android app using Firebase machine learning kit which provides barcode scanning API.

Extracting Text from Images Android

To recognize and extract text from images, Firebase ML kit can be used. Firebase ML kit offers machine learning features and is based on Google ML technologies.

Google Places SDK for Android Tutorial

Using Google places SDK for Android, current places, place details, nearby places and photos associated with a place can be displayed in apps and place search capability can be developed.

Android Widget Example

One of the excellent features of Android is that app’s information and features can be displayed as mini apps on home screens. These mini apps are called widgets.

Android MotionLayout Examples

MotionLayout is a subclass of ConstraintLayout. It allows you to animate property changes of UI elements which are part of a layout.

Android Fragments Transition Animation Example

To minimize the number of un-installations of your app, you need to build it in such way that it performs well, works on all devices and is user friendly.

Model View ViewModel MVVM Android Example

Model View ViewModel (MVVM) is an architectural pattern applied in applications to separate user interface code from data and business logic.

Android Model View Presenter MVP Pattern Example

If you want to build android apps which can be tested and modified easily, you need to implement user interface architectural pattern in your app.

Android Kotlin ListView Example

It is very common in most of the applications that a list of data items is displayed in UI. In android applications, list of data items can be shown to users using ListView.