How to Create Animations in Android

Animations in android can be implemented using property animation framework, view animation framework and drawable animation.

Android View Shadow Effect

Android UI elements can be configured to draw shadows using elevation property. Elevation of a view can be set in code by calling setElevation method and in xml using elevation attribute.

How to Implement Swipe Refresh in Android

If you want to refresh content in a view on any screen in your android app, then use swipe refresh layout widget. Android support library provides swipe refresh layout widget which allows displaying new content on vertical swipe.

Android Floating Action Button Example

Floating action button (FAB) is used to provide primary action as circle on screen and it is displayed above the UI. Floating action button widget is provided as a part of design support library.

Android CardView Example

Android CardView supports material design guidelines. Card view is a frame layout which can be configured to be round cornered view with shadow.

Android Recycler View Example

Recycler view widget is an enhanced version of list view with advanced features. It lets you display large data set efficiently. The efficiency is achieved by reusing item views and not performing or reducing findByView operations.

Android Bottom Sheet

Bottom sheet is displayed at bottom of the screen. A view can be displayed as bottom sheet by attaching bottom sheet behavior to it. Bottom sheet behavior extends Behavior which has methods that coordinator layout calls to provide behavior to child views in response to motion events and positional changes of child views.

Collapsing Toolbar Layout Example

CollapsingToolbarLayout is provided to help in creating toolbars that follow material design. It is a wrapper for tool bar adding additional features to toolbar in the coordinator layout and app bar layout context.

AppBarLayout with CoordinatorLayout

App bar layout is provided as part of design support library. It is a linear vertical layout with extra features that enable development of android applications which follow material design guidelines. To fully utilize the functionality of app bar layout, it should be used as a direct child of coordinator layout.

Android Coordinator Layout & Custom Behavior

CoordinatorLayout is provided as part of design support library to enable the implementation of material design guidelines in android applications. Coordinator layout is a frame layout with extra capabilities and features.

Menu with Navigation View in Android

NavigationView widget is a part of design library and it follows material design guidelines. NavigationView component is mainly used with DrawerLayout to provide navigation drawer menu that follows material design.

Navigation Drawer Implementation in Android

Navigation drawer contains list of actions or menu items, which help users navigate thruogh your application. Panel containing list of actions in navigation drawer is hidden. With swipe or clicking an icon, user can open or close navigation drawer to view the list of actions.