RxJava Map ConcatMap FlatMap & SwitchMap Operators Difference

RxJava map, concatMap, flatMap & switchMap operators difference.

RxJava Operators Part 2

RxJava operators such as groupBy, intervalRange, just, map, mergeWith, ofType, onErrorResumeNext, onErrorReturn, publis, reduce, repeatWhen, repeatUntil, replay, retryWhen, scan, sorted, switchMap, window, and zip examples.

RxJava2 Operators

RxJava2 operators such as all, concatMap, flatMap, cache, collect, combineLast, compose, doFinally, fromArray, fromCallable, fromFuture, and generate examples.

RxJava Examples

RxJava helps in creating java and android applications which can run efficiently as multiple tasks can be executed parallel and code of applications which use RxJava is easy to decipher and maintain when data from multiple sources need to be handled.

Android Retrofit Example

Retrofit http library allows apps to interact with Rest Services. Using Retrofit, one can easily build http get, post, and multipart request components to interact with your application services running on server, meaning building rest clients is easy with Retrofit.

Android OkHttp Cache Authenticator and Interceptor Example

Shows how to implement OkHttp cache, and how to use OkHttp interceptors and authenticator in android, with examples.

Android OkHttp Example

Explains how to use OkHttp http library to make various types of http request calls in android, with examples.

Handling JSON Using Gson in Android

Explains how to use gson to convert between object and json string in android.

Android JSON Parsing

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a format for data exchange and storage. JSON is simple and easy to parse information interchange format compared to xml. JSON format is widely used to exchange data between device and server in android apps.

Android Spinner Custom Adapter & Layout

Spinner is a dropdown view which allows user to select an item from all available choices displayed in spinner. If each item in the spinner is just text, you can use array adapter and simple item layouts provided by android to provide dropdown in your app.

Android Spinner Dropdown List

Spinner widget is a drop down list in android. Using spinner, your app can display list of available choices for a particular data element and allow user to select one item from the list.

Android Copy and Paste Text Example

Copy and paste text functionality in android app can be implemented using android clipboard framework.