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Android Notification & Data Messages From App Server Using Firebase Cloud Messaging

If your Android app relies on app servers for data and functionality, instead of android app contacting app server at a specified regular intervals, server can notify events or data changes to android using Firebase cloud messaging.

Firebase Realtime Database Android Example

If your mobile app needs to store data on the cloud, you can use Firebase realtime database in your app. Firebase realtime database is one of the firebase products supported by Google and is a no-SQL cloud database.

Firebase Phone Number Authentication Android

Users can be authenticated using a phone number and one time code which is sent in SMS message. You can use Firebase authentication in your app to implement phone number authentication and sign-in.

Android Firebase Email Password Authentication

Firebase makes it easy to develop an android app using services offered by Firebase. To provide data security and personalized experience to user, you need to authenticate and identify the user. Using firebase authentication, you can secure the data and protect it from unauthorized access to it.

Firebase Cloud Firestore Database Tutorial Android Example

Firebase’s Firestore database is a NoSQL database hosted on cloud. Firestore databse can be used in android, ios and web applications and accessed using various Firestore SDKs provided by Firebase.

Android Location Proximity Alert Using Google Maps & Geofencing Example

This post explains how to create in android apps the feature that allows users of the app to select a location on the map and set location or proximity alert for it so that they will get notified when they enter to, exist from or dwell at the specified locations. The said feature can be developed using Google maps and geofencing API.

Android Get Address List From Location Name Using Geocoder Example

Using Geocoder, you can get list of addresses by location or address name. For that, Geocoder provides getFromLocationName method which takes location name as parameter and returns list of addresses which match to the given location name.

Get Current Location Address Android

In your android app, if you want to get the address of device’s current location, you need to use Google play service location API. Google play service location API provides an optimized location API called fused location provider that you can use to get last known location easily by specifying location accuracy and battery power.

Android Show Current Location On Map Example

In your android app, you can show user’s current location on Google map using Google maps android API. The API uses wifi or/and mobile cell data to determine device location.

Android Google Map Street View Example

In this tutorial, you can learn how to show street view maps, configure street view map by applying various settings, and handle events on street view map by adding various listeners.

Google Map Styles Android Examples

Google map allows you to define and apply styles to maps so that you can hide some features which are having no importance in your application context or change visual display of features such as transit, water, roads, landscapes, administrative areas and point of interest such as parks, schools, attraction and sports complexes etc.

Android MapView Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to use MapView instead of SupportMapFragment to display Google maps in android applications. It also covers Google maps UI controls or settings, gestures, events and lite mode topics with examples.