RxJava Observables

In reactive programming, observables emit data to its subscribers called observers. Observers process or take action on the emitted data.

Android Framework Classes Dependency Injection Using Dagger Android

Explains using dagger android library to simplify dagger dependency injection in android components.

Dagger Subcomponents

Dagger subcomponents are components using which you can access objects of both parent component and subcomponent.

Dagger Multibinding

Multibinding is all about injecting collection of objects of a particular type into target or dependent object.

Android Persistency Room RxJava

It is very important to provide offline functionality in the applications for features that depend on remote services for data needs so that when users are out of network, they can continue to use applications. This is possible by storing data on the device. When internet is off, application will use local data making the related functionally available to users.

Database Migration with Room

It is very common in any application that database tables are altered to introduce new features in applications. If your app uses Room and database tables need to be altered, then you should use migration process to retain data and make application continue to work.

Dependency Injection Android Using Dagger2

One of the responsibilities that need to be considered for building loosely coupled components is creating instances of dependent objects of a class.

Android Persistence Library Room

Room is a framework that can be used to read data from and write data to SQLite database.

Android Architecture Component ViewModel

ViewModel can be used to delegate the task of preparing and holding data for activities and fragments. ViewModel instance exists till the associated component is destroyed.

Android LiveData & Examples

LiveData is provided as a part of android architectural components. LiveData is an observable which can hold and emit data to subscribed observers.

Retrofit Rxjava Android Example

Using retrofit and rxjava, you can easily develop components to get data from reset services and update view objects with results from background process.

RxJava Use Cases Android

RxJava android use cases, parallel processing, and updating ui thread from background process examples.