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Android Fragments Transition Animation Example

To minimize the number of un-installations of your app, you need to build it in such way that it performs well, works on all devices and is user friendly.

Model View ViewModel MVVM Android Example

Model View ViewModel (MVVM) is an architectural pattern applied in applications to separate user interface code from data and business logic.

Android Model View Presenter MVP Pattern Example

If you want to build android apps which can be tested and modified easily, you need to implement user interface architectural pattern in your app.

Android Kotlin ListView Example

It is very common in most of the applications that a list of data items is displayed in UI. In android applications, list of data items can be shown to users using ListView.

Extracting Color Codes from Image Using Android Palette API

Using android palette API, color codes of dominant colors can be extracted from an image. The main use of this API is that layout theme or color of visual elements can be dynamic and matched to one of the prominent colors of the selected image.

Android Slices with Examples

Android slices feature allows content of your app to be exposed and displayed in different app.

Scheduling Tasks with WorkManager in Android

If there are certain tasks in your app which must be executed regardless of whether the app is open or closed, then you can use android WorkManager library to schedule them.

Navigation in Android App Using Navigation Component

Android navigation component, which is one of the architecture components, can be used to implement navigation in android applications.

Firebase Pagination Using Android Paging Library

If your app has a feature which displays list of items in recycler view from firebase database and the number of items is big, implementing pagination helps in achieving quick response time and reduced network bandwidth.

Pagination in Android Using Paging Library

Like large or unlimited number of data items is loaded and displayed in pages in web applications, chunks of data can be loaded and displayed in recycler view using paging library in android.

Passing Data between Android Fragments using ViewModel

An example to show how to pass data between fragments using view model and live data.

Developing Android App in Kotlin

With this tutorial, you can learn how to create kotlin android app project, examine gradle build file and how to reference in activities the views defined in the layout xml and how to add listener to a view using an example app.