Google Sign-In Option in Android Apps

Steps to implement google sign-in option in android apps and steps to authenticate with server.

Sync Data Between Device and Server in Android

Android provides sync adapter framework which enables apps to create components to sync data between web server and device in the back ground.

How to Get Auth Token from AccountManager in Android

If your app functionality needs to access protected online services or resources of users in order to provide certain features in your app, your app can do so by getting auth token of user account from account manager and using it.

Android Account Manager & Create Custom Account Type

To eliminate the need for apps to prompt users for login into online accounts every time apps need to access online services, android system provided account manager. This post helps you understand concepts and components involved in creating your own account type managed by android system account manager.

Saving Files to Internal Storage & External Storage in Android

Certain types of applications need to save data in files on device internal or external storage. You can read from and write to files in android file system using Files API.

Saving Key Value Pairs in Android Using SharedPreferences API

SharedPreferences API provides framework to read and write key value pairs in Android. SharedPreferences API stores data in a file on the device.

Android IntentService Example

If your app has long running tasks, you may need to consider implementing services to run those log running operations in the background.

Android Bound Services & Inter Process Communication

Android bound service is a service component which allows clients-server communication. Depending on how bound service is implemented, inter process communication is possible between clients and bound service.

Android Services

Android service is a component like activity but runs in the background. Android service by default runs in the main thread. Android service is used to perform tasks in the background without user interaction.

Long Running HTTP Downloads in Android

If your app needs to download large files which take time, the best option to perform long running downloads is to use android system provided DownloadManager.

Get & Post Data Using HTTP Library Volley in Android

Using any HTTP client, android apps can get data from and post data to server. Using simple http client library in your app requires you to write a lot of code to handle http connections, concurrent requests, threads, pooling, data cache, request prioritization and cancelling requests.

How to Create Browse Files Option in Android

Android provides storage access framework (SAF) using which an app can provide options such as browse, read and write files. Storage access framework consists of document providers, client app and picker.