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Predicting App User Behavior Using Firebase Predictions

Firebase predictions service applies Google’s machine learning on analytics data and comes up with predictions. Prediction identifies a group of users who are most likely to perform certain events in the next seven days. Using the predicted behavior, apps can be customized to create different user experiences or to show different features or products.

Firebase Performance Monitoring for Android

Firebase provides performance monitoring SDK. You can add that to your app so that it can capture performance data of your app. The captured performance data can be viewed in Firebase console. By analyzing the performance data, you can identify performance issues in your app and fix them.

Android Login and Registration with Firebase Cloud Functions and Firestore

In this post, you can learn how to implement custom registration and login for android app using Firebase cloud functions and firestore database.

Fireabase Crashlytics Android Crash Reporting

In order to make your android application run without issues on user devices, you need to consider android version, device manufacturers, and features of device while developing your app. Even after through testing and taking care of all the possible failure scenarios, one unhandled scenario may cause your app to crash leading to diminished user experience.

Android Firebase Cloud Functions Realtime Database Trigger Example

In this post, you can learn how to use Firebase cloud functions which are run in response to realtime database events such as adding, updating and deleting nodes performed from android application.

Android Firebase Cloud Functions Cloud Storage Trigger Example

In this post, you can learn how to use Firebase cloud functions which are run in response to uploading, modifying and deleting cloud storage files from android application.

Android Firebase Cloud Functions Firestore Trigger Example

In this post, I’ll show how to create cloud functions which are run in response to events related to inserting, updating and deleting documents in Firestore database from android application with an example.

Android Server Side Functionality Using Firebase Cloud Functions

For certain features of your app, if running code on the server instead of on the device or client makes sense then the easiest way to provide the server side features is by using Firebase cloud functions. With Firebase Cloud Functions, all you need to do to have the server side functionality is to write functions and deploy them.

Android Adding Google Analytics Firebase

Google analytics helps in understanding how your app is being used. It captures events and user properties. The captured data is available in Firebase console for you to get insights into your app user’s behavior.

Firebase Remote Config Android Example & A/B Testing

In this post, you can learn how Firebase remote works with an example, create A/B test experiment and testing A/B test on test device.

Firebase Cloud Storage Upload, Download & Delete Files Android Example

In this post, I’ll explain how to create in android application a feature that allows users to upload local files to cloud and to list, download and delete cloud files.

Sending Device Specific Push Notification Message Using Firebase Cloud Messaging

Using Firebase cloud messaging service, app servers can send notification and data messages to client applications such as android app and iOS app. General notifications can be sent to multiple devices using firebase cloud messaging topic and specific notification can be sent to a specific device or client using Firebase SDK generated token on the client.